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Roborace is the world’s first competition for human + machine teams, using both self-driving and manually-controlled cars. It is a new platform for brands, organisations and individuals to test the development of their automated driving systems. 

Race formats will feature new forms of immersive entertainment to engage the public’s imagination. Through sport, innovations in autonomous technology will be advanced, accelerating improvements to road safety.

Focusing on their mission of being the world’s first autonomous car racing platform, WeGeek has brought its unique expertise in competitive gaming by creating a strategy for their Sim-to Real tournaments. WeGeek have also sought to drive their goals to new heights by collaborating with some of the most forward thinking organisations in the automotive/gaming space, such as Porsche and Edge Esports.

Video of the Robocar at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The first event autonomous car to climb the hill.



Robonetica makes AI programmable robots with connected robotics software frameworks. They run a number of different educational programs, dedicated to all tech monsters and digital natives out there. Robonetica is making education in Ai and robotics available to everyone with an internet connection.

WeGeek has been an integral part in helping Robonetica prepare for their first project launch in July 2019, the Red Planet Project. We have developed and integrated Robonetica’s partnerships strategy and are currently responsible for all their partnerships and business development activities. Because the company has many unique and exciting elements about it, it was necessary to create some focus in their go to market strategy.

A screen shot from the simulated game environment from Roboneticas Red Planet Project.

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Platfrom is bringing gamers together by creating a membership based gaming bar/cafe in the heart of Shorditch, London. Their aim is to be the go to place for gamers who just want to have a casual game of Mario Kart after work, or want to host a serious Fortnite tournament.

WeGeek is developing their gaming community engagement and partnerships strategy in preparation for their upcoming opening in March 2019.


Wegeek Gaming Event sponsors

Test your pre-released games on an audience that would actually buy your game. Get the data that matters most to the success of you game not just from a technical perspective. No more forced game testers.

We do sponsorship differently. We carefully select every brand we partner with and tailor their needs to get maximum return on investment.

Of course, we do all the basic stuff like including your logos on our marketing materials but we also want to carefully create a package that presents your brand in the best possible light to our community.

We know what our unique community craves, and we can help you get right in front of them: when they actually want to hear from you.


Case studies

Testing out Steep

Testing out Steep


Ubisoft are a regular to our events and have received invaluable feedback for their popular games Watchdogs, Steep and For Honour before launch.

The WeGeek event is very unique in every aspect, we’ve got your back WeGeek!
— Ubisoft


From the very start Konami have partnered with us to get their brand in front of gamers in a way that just cannot be achieved with conventional marketing efforts. Along the way they have also received incredible insight on their games such as Pro Evo.

A Pro Evo tournament

A Pro Evo tournament

Our Dino PC setup

Our Dino PC setup

Dino PC

Another long standing partner, we always run our PC competitions (from Rocket League to Overwatch) on the outstanding Dino PC setup. Once a WeGeeker sits down and plays an immersive 4K game as smooth as silk, it’s an experience they’re going to want to replicate at home; and they do. Right on the spot members of our community have bought Dino PCs and none of them have ever been disappointed.


Our Nintendo Mario Kart tournaments are a staple of any WeGeek event. Nothing can match the excitement, adrenalin and subsequent brand engagement than spending an evening competing with your friends on your favourite game.

I really like WeGeek’s vision, we are happy to be a part of this community and support it from the start
— Nintendo
A Mario Kart tournament

A Mario Kart tournament


WeGeek for your company


We use our video game events as a medium for people to bond and create intimate relationships. We get old school with retro games,  futuristic with VR, strategic with board games and competitive with tournaments!



In the last 2 years, we’ve hosted more than 20 events, and had thousands of people attend. Indeed, 62% of people who have attended our events kept in touch and created a new friendship. Simply put, we host the coolest and most memorable video games event in London! Wether you are a law firm, media agency, or bank, this is your chance to show to your work force and your clients that you are tech savvy, relevant and fun!



Bond with your clients

Show your clients how cool and socially relevant you are. From experience, this not only creates a great networking opportunity with clients, but more importantly a memorable one.  Don’t just take them to the pub as usual. 

Motivate your workforce

Instead taking your team out bowling or pingpong, give them something more unique and interesting! Who doesn’t like free beer and Mario Kart? 

“ I love the competitive edge WeGeek brings to this relaxed environment, makes things super exciting and fun fun!” - Jason Dellow
“Free booze and Golden Eye! My dream come true!” -  Alex Sancho 
“I tried the new Spiderman VR game here, it felt so real! I love that I could try these games at WeGeek as I would never buy them for myself” - Ziwi Chauhan 

Look, here’s an awesome video as proof! 


We understand every company is different and we work with your budget! Shoot us an email to discuss further or just give us a call!  




Indie Game showcase


Finding it difficult to get your game out there? Want more people to test your game? We hear you. It doesn't matter what platform your game is on; we're here for you free of charge. All you have to do is sign up for our next event and we will pick the top 5 games for every event. 

Example of an indie game showcase at one of our events