WeGeek for your company


We use our video game events as a medium for people to bond and create intimate relationships. We get old school with retro games,  futuristic with VR, strategic with board games and competitive with tournaments!



In the last 2 years, we’ve hosted more than 20 events, and had thousands of people attend. Indeed, 62% of people who have attended our events kept in touch and created a new friendship. Simply put, we host the coolest and most memorable video games event in London! Wether you are a law firm, media agency, or bank, this is your chance to show to your work force and your clients that you are tech savvy, relevant and fun!



Bond with your clients

Show your clients how cool and socially relevant you are. From experience, this not only creates a great networking opportunity with clients, but more importantly a memorable one.  Don’t just take them to the pub as usual. 

Motivate your workforce

Instead taking your team out bowling or pingpong, give them something more unique and interesting! Who doesn’t like free beer and Mario Kart? 

“ I love the competitive edge WeGeek brings to this relaxed environment, makes things super exciting and fun fun!” - Jason Dellow
“Free booze and Golden Eye! My dream come true!” -  Alex Sancho 
“I tried the new Spiderman VR game here, it felt so real! I love that I could try these games at WeGeek as I would never buy them for myself” - Ziwi Chauhan 

Look, here’s an awesome video as proof! 


We understand every company is different and we work with your budget! Shoot us an email to discuss further or just give us a call!